looking to close.


The thing about life is, it never enough to just looking at something and then making an assumption as it is. Sometime we need to do double check, triple check, or even borrowing someone else pair of eyes to uncover the truth.

I learnt it in a hard way.

I was just enjoying my life, sitting in front of my laptop accompanied by a plate of my favourite food, stir-fry shrimp with lettuce, and watching some new movie. Everything’s feel good, everything’s feel at it pace and perfect.

Until I see a sight that I thought I’ll never see, but there it is in front of my eyes, wiggling it’s way.

A tiny little caterpillar on top of the lettuce.

Where did it come from?

How it can be there?

How did it survive from the high stream water and a high heat?

Did it crawl his way back from death?



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