start over.

To cut it short, this is not my first blog.

Previously, I own many blogs. One of it, the most active one was Dewi 19th’s Blog, a personal blog of my daily life in college. I don’t know why I own so many blogs, it maybe just because I was so indecisive about the blogging platform.

Psshh, yeah right. You always indecisive about everything.

At first I started at Blogger, because that’s the only blogging platform that I know, at the time. Then I goes to WordPress and I fell in love with it. The interface, the simplicity of writing the blog, using the tags, put up the blogroll, etc. It was so easy.

I love blogger and it’s freedom to customize the blog, I can start the blog from the scratch (yes, I do have knowledge for html and css) if I want without having to pay extra money just to do that, but I was a person who enjoy something simple and minimalist. I’m a trash for it and WordPress was gave it to me.

Although there’s so much cool option of themes (paid and free) in WordPress there’s not much of a choice in term of customization when using the free service. Let say if I want to use the free download theme I found in the internet, I can’t just install it right away like it was in Blogger. I need to pay certain amount of money to WordPress or another hosting provider. Even though with a lot of restriction, I loved how I don’t need to google how to this and that when I started using blogger. I can start right away to this and that.

So, what’s the point of this post?


If the reader of this post wishing me to tell them which blogging platform is better, I can’t tell you any of it. Each blogging platform has it’s good and bad. Don’t even get me started on Tumblr.

So why you start over a new blog?

New year, new me.

Lame. Really what is it?

I just… I feel like it. I want to star over everything, every thought I have. Did it still the same like in the previous blog? How much I changed? Do I change for the better or for the worst? But also because the previous blog was a mess, I can’t organize the post to its categories. I’d like to mapping my messy thoughts.

So, it’s midnight in my time. Don’t sleep.


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