the dark side.

I love the dark or night theme on every gadget I have.

I really wish that would let me have the dark theme for the admin page.

The current admin page wasn’t that bright, kind of white blue-ish but it still glaring my eyes at the night, the only time I felt really productive writing on this blog. By productive I mean, less filter that causing me be less honest on my thoughts. I’m hoping that this is a place I could be honest. Which kind of tricky idea because internet full of trolls and my words can get twisted around.

I know I could just upgrade the plan and have the premium one to change the admin page appearance, but was it going to worth it?

Yes, it will.

Yeah, I know. I’m stacking my  money to buy the cheapest plan. Hoping that at the beginning of the new year I could get this blog get its own domain name. I’m still considering to buy the hosting plan. I got some big plan for this blog.


Not really.

I have a portfolio website to build and raised next year.

I’ve got lots of plans for next year which I hope can run smoothly, all of them. But life is a bad-ass lemon seller, who knows how much it will gave me lemons next year.

It’s almost 3 AM here.

Happy dawn. Don’t sleep.


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