definitely not a gamer.


I love to play game but I definitely not a gamer.

Also by game, I mean not game such as Candy Crush (no offense Candy Crush lovers) and its kind. I’m also not looking down at mobile game, I find some of them are fun game. For mobile game, I play Clash of Clans, Alto, and Real Football. Mainly because I like them.

Pssh, yeah. One of it already on your smartphone and it’s free.

Okay, okay, but I’m not saying it’s 100% free though. There’s some stuff you can buy inside the game to speed up your progress to level up. I’m not a fan of speed up game with real money. I play game for have fun. So, compared to any beginner out there I might have the slowest progress.

For PC/console game, I played few thing such as Counter Strike, Age of Empire, Mario Bross, and I don’t remember what’s the name but I played it on SEGA console. I also played few games on PlayStation 1st gen and it was long long time ago, where my age was started with the number 1.

Ah, that young memories.

I remember being called out by friends and teachers in elementary school because I’m the only girl in the whole class who played console games and playing in game arcade. That was pretty bad-ass for the younger me. To think about it now, I think was pretty bad-ass because I still can recall that no girl in my school hanging around on the game center when I was there which pretty much everyday in every week.

I was awesome.

You mean me?

Meh, we’re the same person.

Okay, because I can’t swim…

What’s with you can’t swim got to do with this whole game talk?

Because I feel like I started to drown on this past memories to deep and I don’t have my safety jacket with me and no lifeguard around.

Now, I’d like to introduce you with my latest project: BWRMe. It’s my new YouTube channel where I miserably resurrecting my gaming muscle which ended up with me playing miserably.

Everybody is into YouTube-ing nowadays. What’s makes your special?

Nothing. I just want to upload my videos on YouTube because I want to and because I can.

I don’t do commentary while I play game, mostly because either I clench my mouth tight to concentrate or just to absorbed on the game to do so.

At the moment, there’s only two videos uploaded (more will come) of me playing Overkill 3 on Windows 10. You actually can find the game on your Android’s Play Store or App Store on iPhone.

Why Overkill 3?

To be frankly and completely honest, because it was on the recommendation and it’s free for download. Also, it doesn’t need a high system requirement to play. Just a mouse is all you need. Unless you play on a Windows tablet, then you just need your fingers.

Good night, night owls.
Stay awake.
Also check out my video, some input would be nice.
Thank you in advance.


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