like a fidget spinner

bwrme fidget spinner vector art

“Fidget spinner is annoying and lame.”

Some people might think that and be like, “where’s the fun of spinning a toy that just spinning round and round?” Of course… what’s the fun of the that colourful spring that bouncing like a jelly, you mother-father gentle-person?!

Forgive my author everyone,
she’s in that time where even werewolves afraid to be near a woman.

Thank you for the unnecessary details, Al. Speaking from personal experience, I found this toy quite useful to tame my anxiety.

Before meeting with fidget spinner, I have this cube, Rubik’s Cube 2×2, most of the time I always try to put the cube next to where I’m working. Everytime I’m stuck with the idea or just tired staring at my laptop or smartphone screen, I have this habbit where I just play with the cube with one hand, flip them, spin them, and then tried to solve them again. It became my method to keep my focus not just on solving the toy but also on anything I think of or working on. Some other time, I also bring the cube with me when I’m being reminded by my family that I’m human who still need to interact with another human, by that I mean visiting the other family or other-people-that-has-no-blood-relation-but-still-nevertheless-a-family my parents have. Socializing with other people bring the sweat out of my skin and the list of dark thoughts that could annihilate bees population.

This toy, fidget spinner being marketed as a tool that was made for people with autism and ADHD. Many believe it, many more doesn’t but still buy it anyway because it is the latest trend. However, there is no scientific evidence that supporting that fact yet. I found a BuzzFeed video where people with ADHD tried to play with the spinner for a week and stated that the toy doesn’t work with their ADHD but will be more effective for people with anxiety. My simple advice is, if you wanna try it, try it.

For me this toy is more of distraction. A useful small distraction that distract me from a bigger distraction, like panicking or the tempt of procrastinating by going somewhere or doing something else such as writing a blog post. This could be a placebo effect or maybe my brain already being trained by my previous habit with the cube. I don’t know about other people, but there’s some people out there like me, may found this toy effective. I think it’s the determination of using fidget spinner as a tool than just a toy that could make this toy worked effectively for them.

My niece and nephew, they’re quite hyperactive but they can sit still and calmly play the spinner for a long time. Until come the time where one of them want to borrow the other spinner from the other one. When it down to that situation, I just pray for the best for them (may the true owner wins) and cry in the corner while calling their mom.

Owning this toy for some quite time, I found another benefit of having it close to you everywhere you go. It drove people away from your table, so you can sit peacefully with your drink and wrote a blog post about a fidget spinner.

I remember that time where bouncing colourful spring toy became popular, I also wondering where’s the fun playing with that and until this moment I still can’t found the fun. Some people liked it, some people don’t and it’s okay, so I moved on from that thought and then I found fidget spinner.

What’s comes around goes around.

Like a fidget spinner. Don’t stare at it, it spin for a long time. Go on, move on with your life. Find another table than just stare at me at my toy. *hissing like a cat*


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