like a fidget spinner

“Fidget spinner is annoying and lame.” Some people might think that and be like, “where’s the fun of spinning a toy that just spinning round and round?” Of course… what’s the fun of the that colourful spring that bouncing like a jelly, you mother-father gentle-person?! Forgive my author everyone, she’s in that time where even … More like a fidget spinner


I hate packing. To be more exact, I whole-heartily, physically, and emotionally hate packing. There’s few time I have to pack, like big packing, not packing for a short trip. First time was when I have to go to college. I honestly feel nothing sad or worried about it. Live in a different city (which … More packing.

the dark side.

I love the dark or night theme on every gadget I have. I really wish that would let me have the dark theme for the admin page. The current admin page wasn’t that bright, kind of white blue-ish but it still glaring my eyes at the night, the only time I felt really productive writing on … More the dark side.

start over.

To cut it short, this is not my first blog. Previously, I own many blogs. One of it, the most active one was Dewi 19th’s Blog, a personal blog of my daily life in college. I don’t know why I own so many blogs, it maybe just because I was so indecisive about the blogging … More start over.

looking to close.

The thing about life is, it never enough to just looking at something and then making an assumption as it is. Sometime we need to do double check, triple check, or even borrowing someone else pair of eyes to uncover the truth. I learnt it in a hard way. I was just enjoying my life, … More looking to close.